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Advanced Home Systems is a custom Audio/Video design and installation company based in Paso Robles, CA. We design and install whole home wiring systems and all of the equipment to make your home come to life.

Advanced Home Systems displays and installs the best products and services available which include computer networking, control systems, high definition TV, satellite (television and broadband internet), whole house music systems, lighting and lighting control, theater seating, sound treatments, power conditioners, interconnects and accessories. We are a THX Certified Dealer/Installer and feel that our extensive education and experience helps us provide our clients with the “best” in home entertainment and automation.

Advanced Home Systems is here to help you with all of your integrated house wide entertainment. We are experienced and uniquely qualified to perform this work and are ready to help you add to the value and enjoyment of your home. We can keep it simple, or make it as advanced as you would like.